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We are closed for Victoria Day on Mon May 23rd and will reopen on Tues. May 24th. All paid orders from Thurs May 19th after 1pm PST and throughout the long weekend will be processed for shipment Tues May 24th

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable long weekend!

We now have 7 different types of lysergamides, all at a healthy stock level and we hope to keep it that way! New   1cP-AL-LAD 150ug  & 1V-LSD 150ug  Blotters


Chemlogix Management Team              May 17th 2022



Chemlogix.ca  is a BC registered company committed to distributing the highest standard of research chemicals (such as non-banned psychedelic: tryptamines, lysergamides, and phenethylamines) to qualified researchers.  

Chemlogix.ca. does not recommend the use of our listed research products on any human or animal.  If we find any evidence of the latter, we will immediately close your account and present the evidence to our legal team before pursuing further action.


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