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We will have random sales on clearance research chemicals that we will be discontinuing so check out our website daily or weekly for hot deals.  Like all our sales these hot deals are limited to available stock and its first paid first serve.  NO price protection and we will not be restocking clearance research chemicals.  The main reason we are doing weekly hot clearance sales is to make room to add more variation of lysergamides and other new research chemicals for our authorized research members.  Please note, once we cleared out these clearance products, researchers may still buy them from us in the future but it will be a custom synth request with a MOQ.

 up to 25% OFF.  Listed prices are already reduced. Bulk orders with up to 20% OFF are available too.


5-MeO-MET Fumarate 

5-MeO-MET Freebase

MAL (Fumarate)



4-AcO-EPT Fumarate

4-AcO-MPT Fumarate


ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO PRICE PROTECTION! NO REFUND! NO RESHIPPING! NO RAINCHECK!  WHILE SUPPLY LAST! Clearance sale research chemical are not combinable with promo or voucher code