Research Bundle 3  or 5 or 7 Promo with up to 9% OFF!

VALID UNTIL AUGUST 2ND 2019 Friday 11:59pm PST!

Get up to 5%- 9% off when you buy a minimum of 3 or 5 or 7 different items that match the list of items allowed for this promo discount. All research chemicals listed on our website will be valid for this promo except for the following exclusions:  5-MeO-DMT (Oxalate and freebase), all our listed lysergamides: 1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD and ALD-52.

Read below for details and conditions.

If you check out with 3 or more different applicable chemicals, you get 5% off your  total order before taxes and shipping. You will receive a 7% discount off if you choose 5 or more different applicable products and a 9% discount off your total order if you choose 7 (or more) different applicable products.  No min or max on each item. All products count towards your bundle except for the exemptions listed above. Not combinable with the First Time 10% off or the Referee 15% off on first order(see our referral program)  No raincheck. While supply last. Only one  Research Bundle Voucher code can apply to each order!

NOTE: Please note do not order any excluded items on the same invoice. We will adjust shipping accordingly with our free shipping policy and any overcharged on our behalf we can either refund or issue a voucher/store credit pending on the overcharged amount.

We are trying out this new promo so please understand we respectfully reserve the right to make any changes to the rules and conditions to minimize any abuse or errors.

VALID UNTIL AUGUST 2ND 2019 Friday 11:59pm PST!