First time buyer Promo!  10% OFF

First time buyers (valid until further notice!) will receive 10% off their first order only. This is a  courtesy promotion for new clients only who found our website by themselves not through a sponsor/referral. This promotion cannot be combined with our referral program.  More details read below.

Details and Conditions:

1.New accounts must be authorized.

2.Shipping address and full name  must be the same as address and name on a valid government photo ID when getting your new account verified.

3.Contact and email must be valid so we can call  or email you to verify your order, etc.

4.This first time buyer promo is not combinable with our Spring Research Bundle 3 or 5  or 7 Promo! Or our New Referee 15% OFF on first order. 

5. Only product excluded from the the First Time buyer promo are: 5-MeO-DMT (Freebase & Oxalate)

We have reserve the right to refuse the promo if we suspect the new account is not valid  as a NEW or First Time Buyer.