We are very excited to open our business to the following selected int'l countries:

Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany, Denmark and Netherlands, pending research on related control substance act. We welcome anyone in the listed countries to help us with more accurate information on the specific drug laws. On that note its on the onus of the customers to do their due diligence in regards to the drug laws in relation to the specific research chemicals being ordered and shipped to the specific country and region. 

On top of the general referral program compensation, for a limited time (Jan6th-Feb 8th 2019) we would like to reward any of our existing authorized clients who is willing to refer any new authorized clients with the shipping address in the listed int'l countries. So on top of the general  referrer $30CAD Referral rewards, we will manually add $30CAD Voucher. We recommend you email us your int'l  referral email for us to track the extra $30CAD manual voucher.  Same general referral program rules and conditions apply.

New Payment method for Int'l orders with Euro currency:

We have set up a Euro account in Germany so you can pay by  Bank Transfer/wire in Euro! Bank Details and instructions will be provided upon request after your account has been authorized to place an order.