New products: Verified by 1H-NMR:

The following is the correct list of new chemicals.

MET Fumarate

MiPT Fumarate


5-MeO-MET fumarate

4-MeO-MiPT freebase

Escaline HCl

There was a mix up with labeling by our supplier. Upon further investigation with NMR, we found that the MiPT Furamate and the 5-MeO-MiPT Freebase were mislabeled by our lab. If you have ordered 5-MeO-MiPT, we suggest you discard the product as ask for a reship (as we may have shipped you MiPT, or 5-MeO-MiPT). 

USA & International Clients - Crypto Currency is the only payment method. Please Read

  With our research chemicals industry, it is challenging to find a Payment Processor willing to process payments.  We are continuously searching for alternative payment methods, but for now, for our USA & International customers, we ONLY accept one type payment option which is crypto currency through our automated Coinpayments processor. It's worth it, to start learning how to use it! Please click on READ MORE  
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 Please click on read more for WHAT's NEW! We are currently working on a new and improved website along with a different platform. There will be growing pains but we are confident the change will be very positive!
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Research Bundle 3 or 5 or 7 Promo with up to 9% OFF! VALID UNTIL AUGUST 2ND 2019 Friday 11:59pm PST!

 Research Bundle 3  or 5 or 7 Promo with up to 9% OFF! VALID UNTIL AUGUST 2ND 2019 Friday 11:59pm PST! Get up to 5%- 9% off when you buy a minimum of 3 or 5 or 7 different items that match the list of items allowed for this promo discount. All research chemicals listed on our website will be valid for this promo except for the following exclusions:  5-MeO-DMT (Oxalate and freebase), all our listed lysergamides: 1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD and ALD-52. Read below for more details and conditions.
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To all our USA and International clients Int'l or USA bankwire payment option.  This option is very expensive and  your order will not be process until the fund has been completely deposited into our business account.   Crypto Currency - Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitcoinCash (BCCH) and Dash. This option is the most effective and simple once you take the time to learn how to use a digital wallet.
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Help Desk: A More Efficient Way to Contact Us

Help Desk: A More Efficient Way to Contact Us For all questions or issues, please start a HELP ticket. All issues or inquiries made directly through will be instructed to open a HELP ticket. If you can't create a HELP ticket then email to stating that you can't open a HELP ticket  where we further assist you in opening a HELP ticket.
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First time buyer Promo! 10% OFF on first order only!

First time buyer Promo!  10% OFF on first order only! First time buyers (valid until further notice!) will receive 10% off their first order only. This is a  courtesy promotion for new clients only who found our website by themselves not through a sponsor/referral. This promotion cannot be combined with our referral program.  More details read below.
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First and foremost we would like to thank you in advance your continued support and patience. Referrer (existing authorized clients that are referring us new  authorized clients) gets $30CAD voucher no expiry date, no minimum order and can be use with any current sales or voucher promotion. You can accumulate your referral voucher dollars up to a max of $500CAD (Once you hit the max you must use it otherwise any more referral vouchers earned when you are at max will not accumulate above $500CAD) Rules and conditions are subject to changes with out notice. Referee (new authorized clients referred by an existing authorized client) gets 15% on their first order only. Not combinable with any current promotional voucher or sales discounts. The  15%  off on the first order expires in 30 days of registration. Rules and conditions are subject to changes with out notice.
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Shipping Details and Policy Updates

                                                                   Shipping Details and Policy Updates  We are happy to announce the following shipping options and policy updates. Please click on Read More for more details.  
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New Payment Method for Int'l Sales (Outside North America) & International Referral Program Promotions

We are very excited to open our business to the following selected int'l countries: Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands, pending research on related legal restriction.  Earn an extra $30 referral voucher on top of  the $30 general referral voucher! We have set up a Euro account in Germany so you can pay by  Bank Transfer/wire in Euro! Bank Details and instructions will be provided upon request after your account has been authorized to place an order. 
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