Currently, we do NOT offer refunds.  We do offer a re-shipping and store credit, on a case by case basis.

Our Re-shipping Policy is ONLY applicable when your ORIGINAL ORDER was shipped by TRACKED SHIPPING, NOT BY REGULAR MAIL.

Our policy is a one-time complimentary reship (up to $250 to cover the cost of products, NOT the re-shipping cost), when whichever comes first: 

1) A letter from US Customs stating confiscation/seizure 

2) Eight weeks passed, and you have not received your order.  The 8 weeks starts on the date your order was processed, NOT THE DATE your order was placed.

For example, you placed an order on Thursday January 3rd at 10am.  You paid on Monday January 7th at 2pm.  We processed your order on Tuesday January 8th & dropped it off to your mailing courier by Tuesday afternoon.  The 8 weeks starts on Tuesday January 8th.  

As per our policy, we offer a one-time complimentary reshipment up to $250 value. Keep in mind, there is always the chance that US Customs may inspect this reshipment as well.

We STRONGLY recommend having it delivered to a different address however this is not necessary.


Your shipping options are: FedEx*, Xpresspost or Regular mail:

1) FedEx costs $30, tracked, very high success rate by declaring everything & being upfront with US Customs; but if for some rare unknown circumstance they seize it, we will NOT offer a 2nd complimentary reshipment.

2) Xpresspost costs $30, is tracked, but if it is seized by US Customs, we will NOT offer a 2nd complimentary reshipment.

3) Regular mail is free, in a discreet envelope, but not tracked, so if it is not delivered / lost, we will NOT offer a 2nd complimentary reshipment.

*FedEx cannot be used for your re-ship if it contains any lysergamides (1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD and ALD-52) so in those cases we recommend using Xpresspost. 

Prior to the reship, you will receive an email “Re-shipment Notification - ACTION REQUIRED” with instructions.

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