How to Authorize Your Registered Account

First, register your account on our site.  Please make sure you provide us the correct address, a valid phone # and email. After creating your account, you will need to have it authorized. 

To authorize your account, you will need to email a valid, unedited Government Photo ID (for age verification, cannot be expired) and a research description. Since we do not sell any chemicals for human or animal consumption, any research that involves human or animal consumption will be consider a violation of our terms and conditions. 

It is MANDATORY to email your valid, unedited Government photo ID and your research description to For your privacy and security, you can request to have your photo ID deleted after your account is authorized.

Currently, we are revising our research verification process but for the time being here is our guidelines and requirements.

Please be aware we may contact you via phone or email to follow up or verify your research. If our attempts to contact are unsuccessful, your registered account will be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your research description must answer:

  1.        how you will be using the chemicals?
  2.        what procedures will you be following?
  3.        what measurements/metrics/parameters will you be observing?

If your research does not answer these questions, your account will NOT be Authorized!

Research descriptions that violate our terms and conditions will automatically have your registered account deleted.

See link below for more info on our terms and conditions.

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