Standard Payment Options:


Payment Options for US Clients: Wire Transfer

USA or International CLIENTS who want to use electronic bank payment/wire  please select "US Bank Wire" at checkout.  You will receive an automated email from us with the traditional bank to bank wire instructions. Traditional international bank wire payment method usually takes 2-7 business days and the fees will vary from $10-$40 (it all depends on your bank).Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or open a help desk ticket (best option) or call our toll free number in North America.

Payment Options for Canadian Clients: E-Interact and Cryptocurrency

For CANADIAN CLIENTS ONLY: We currently accept  E-Interac transfers.  Choose Interact Email Money Transfer, then follow the instructions at check out.  Money can be sent to us directly from your bank online to our bank online.  This typically takes less than 30 mins (during our office hours).

Interact e-transfers can be sent to (Canadian customers only)

In order for us to accept the payment, the e-transfer password must be set as: chemlogix

If you are not asked for a e-transfer password, that’s ok, as we are setup for e-interact auto-deposit.

Payment Options for International Clients: Cryptocurrency

US, CANADIAN and INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: We do accept cryptocurrencies.  While we do accept BTC payments, we recommend using an alternative cryptocurrency (an Alt coin such as Litecoin-LTC or Ethereum-ETH, due to their faster speed and lower fees). By using a cryptocurrency exchange, you are effectively buying cryptocurrency with your Credit Card or Debit Card to pay us with that cryptocyrrency.  This is explained in the section below "Paying Via cryptocurrency using a Credit Card" or by linking your bank account to a Cryptocurrency exchange. This gives you a way to use your Credit Card to indirectly pay for your purchase(s).  



A short intro for clients that have not used cryptocurrency for E-Commerce. (If you are already well versed in cryptocurrency transactions then only point 4 and 5 may be of interest.

If you are paying via cryptocurrency, you will see the CoinPayments option at checkout. At this time we are accepting payments from multiple alt-coins, including DASH, BTC, LTC, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

This is a good option for US and International clients (Canadian clients can also use it but E-Interact is more simple). The basic steps are:

1. Setting up an account with an exchange (For example Coinbase in the US, but there are multiple other exchanges and even ATMs where you can buy cryptocurrency)

2. Validating your account and linking it with either your Credit Card or your bank account (the last option may take a few days need time to verify you are the account holder of the bank account)

3. Once you've set up your account with a cryptocurrency exchange, you can go to and add the items to your cart then choose the CoinPayments are your method of payment at check out.

4. You will be provided with different choices of cryptocurrency (we'll use LTC for this example), click on it, then click "Complete Check-out".

5. You will then be provided with an "amount remaining", which is really the "amount due to us, and an "address" which is a long string of numbers and digits which is our payment address. So now you know how many LTC you need to pay us, and where to send it.

6. Go back to your Exchange (Coinbase for this example) and buy the amount due (using your linked Credit Card or Bank), plus an extra 3-5% just in case the price fluctuates and then copy and paste the "amount due" and the "payment address" into Coinbase so that you sent the correct amount of currency to our "address" which is provided for you at check out.

7. Processing usually takes less than 2 hours.

Coinbase - A large US based exchange that requires ID verification and deposit via bank wire. Instant verification is possible with some banks. You may purchase BTC, LTC, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum using a credit card.  There are many other options but some may or may not work with your Credit Card or Bank so I've l've listed a few other options, other than Coinbase. 


For a list and guide of Cryptocurrency exchanges please see:

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