Is there a phone number I can call for customer service?

You can reach us at 1-888-856-4491 (1-888-8LOGIX1).  Our office hours are 7am to 2pm PST, Monday to Friday, excluding Canadian holidays. We recommend you contact us by clicking this link  It is the most efficient way of resolving customer service matters.  Please include your transaction ID, tracking # and any details on your inquiry, with your registered email.  You will be contacted by our customer service team within one business day.

Why can't I change my personal information or shipping address?

Changing profile information has been DISABLED…  This is our revised policy, to prevent mail fraud/abuse/potential liability issues.  

To change your billing/shipping address/account info you must email a copy of any billing statement (utility, phone bill) with your name & new address on it. You will also be required to answer a few security questions to confirm your registered account.

Why can't I place my order and how do I get my Account Authorized? 

ONLY Authorized Accounts can log in after you registered. To get your account authorized, you will need to Register.

We cannot sell any chemicals for human or animal consumption as stated in our terms conditions. Once your account is authorized, you will be able to log into your newly authorized account and check out your shopping cart. Once you have submitted your new registered account, it is in the queue for verification and you can't log in until its been authorized.

What methods of payment can I use?

All orders can be paid with cryptocurrency which we will process manually. We accept  Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). We will provide instruction(s) during checkout and in your order invoice email.

International, and USA  research clients can use only pay by Cryptocurrency (very secure, very low transaction fee, and very fast/efficient) 

For more information, see our payment section:

When will my order be shipped?

If we complete all of the following before 1pm PST, then your order will be process and dropped off for shipment the same business day:

  1. confirm we have received your full payment,
  2. ensure no order errors: name / address / product,
  3. pack your order,
  4. hand your order to a different department that double-checks the order contents are correct before we ship it out.

For example,  you pay on Monday at 12:45 pm PST, but we do NOT confirm your payment until after 1pm (on Monday), it will be shipped on the next business day, in this case, it will be Tuesday afternoon.

Does offer promotions?

Yes, we periodically have sales. You can find our current promotions in the "News" section of our website or you contact us via email or

Bulk order & pricing for larger quantities NOT listed on our site?

In most cases we do, if the order is more than $1,000 CAD or more depends on the product(s).  Please email with the subject title:  Bulk Order Inquiry to

How do I cancel an order after mistakenly checking out?

Find your Invoice # & email your invoice # you want to cancel.  We will only cancel the order if there was no payment received or if we haven't processed the order for shipment.  

To find your invoice #:

  1. check your email.  The invoice is emailed to you, or
  2. while logged in, click "My Account", "Billing" to view your invoices

Referral Program

With the new website, we will implement a new referral program that will be compatible with the website's platform. Stay tuned. Click on the following link for more details:

What is the company's refund policy? 

Currently, we do not offer refunds.  We do offer re-shipping (if it has tracking # and signature requirement within a Canadian shipping address), on a case by case basis.  For any order shipped by regular mail, we do not offer reshipping or store credit.  For more information, please see:

How do I stay updated with the company? 

Subscribe to our Newsletter and/or you can read our NEWS posted on our homepage.

Do you deliver to PO Boxes? 

Yes, only by regular mail or Xpresspost.

Note: FedEx and Purolator will NOT deliver to PO Boxes 

What are the best shipping options? 

We highly recommend having tracked shipping. All tracked shipping options have defaulted to the signature required. Any request for no signature will void our reshipping policy.

       1. Canada:  Xpresspost or Purolator or FedEx

       2. USA:  Xpresspost (Limited availability and upon request) )

       3. International:  Registered Mail

       4. Regular mail is a non-tracked but very discreet shipping option available for all Canadian, US, and international orders. Keep in mind that this will void our reshipping policy.  

In most cases, with tracked shipping, we can offer re-shipping/store credit; but NOT with regular letter mail.  For more information, please see:

For a limited time, we offer FREE tracked shipping with any order $240 (before taxes and shipping) for our  Canadian clients. For more information, please see:

What countries do we ship to?

*All the listed countries below will have regional/state restrictions and product restrictions

United States (Currently only to our existing research members in the USA)



Last Updated: August 25th,2021