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We would like to inform you of the following dates, Monday, August 2nd, 2021 BC day long weekend, and Monday, August 9th, 2021 our building will experience BC Hydro power sporadic outages due to upgrade and maintenance. Our SHIPPING DEPARTMENT WILL BE CLOSED on those dates so expect a minimum of an additional few days delays in your delivery arrival time.   We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and your understanding.

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Here is our list of  new research chemicals available on our website NOW:

1. 5-Br-DMT fumarate  Click on the link for more details: https://chemlogix.ca/5-br-dmt-fumarate-only-ship-within-canada-

2. 5-Br-DMT freebase   Click on the link for more details: https://chemlogix.ca/5-br-dmt-freebase-only-ship-within-canada-

3. 5-Cl-DMT fumarate   Click on the link for more details: https://chemlogix.ca/5-cl-dmt-fumarate-only-ship-within-canada-

4. 5-Cl-DMT freebase   Click on the link for more details: https://chemlogix.ca/5-cl-dmt-freebase-only-ship-within-canada-

5. AL-LAD 150ug Blotter Click on the link for more details: https://chemlogix.ca/al-lad-150ug-blotter

4-AcO-DMT freebase  Click on the link for more details:  https://chemlogix.ca/4-aco-dmt-freebase

4-HO-PiPT fumarate  Click on the link for more details:  https://chemlogix.ca/4-ho-pipt-fumarate

Coming Soon:

5-MeO-PiPT fumarate

PiPT fumarate


aMT succinate ( Still in research for legal restriction in Canada, once approved we will only ship to Canadian Address only)


All our listed research chemicals are subject to restricted territories especially in the USA and internationally.