New website platform first time log in steps

Welcome to our new website! For all our existing authorized and active clients, here are the steps to successfully log in the new website for the first time.

1. Login with your email address and postal code or zip code that you have registered before on the older website/platform. Please make sure there is no space and postal code is in CAP LOCK for the letters. For example:1A2B3C    
2. After you are logged in, DOUBLE CHECK your address information, such as Apartment #, Building #, Street, City, State / Province, Zip / Postal Code in the dashboard to be accurate.  You can reset your password with a minimum of 9 characters or more when you create your new passwords.  When creating new password the system you will need to input your postal code/zipcode in the OLD Password field.

Any non authorized or inactive accounts and must re-register and go through our updated registered account verification process and requirements.


Any questions or assistance please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on "Get In Touch"


Last Updated:  March 1, 2020:  CGLResearch Inc.