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A major international laboratory was recently shut down by joint government agencies. This will impact the supply of lysergamides and some other chemicals. Our blotter  inventories are now limited to what we have in stock only.


                                                                   REFERRAL PROGRAM

Thank you for your continued support.

Referrer (existing authorized clients that are referring us to new authorized clients) gets 30 Reward Points which is equivalent to $30 in-store credit with no expiry date, no minimum order and can be used with any current sales or voucher promotion. You can accumulate your referral in-store credits aka reward points up to a max of $500 (Once you hit the max you must use it otherwise any more referral vouchers earned when you are at max will not accumulate above $500) Rules and conditions are subject to changes without notice.

Referee (new authorized clients referred by an existing authorized client) gets 15% on their first order only. Not combinable with any current promotional voucher or sales discounts. The  15%  off on the first order expires in 30 days of registration. Rules and conditions are subject to changes without notice.

3 Simple Steps: (The automation is still in development)

  • Log in to your authorized account. You need to get your registered account authorized to qualify and to make purchases.
  • Email us that you would like to participate in our referral program. (Currently, we will be manually tracked until our web developer complete the new program)
  • Follow the instructions and fill in the info such as emails, first and last names to invite your trusted and responsible researchers that you know. 

The BENEFIT for your referred researchers:

15% OFF on their first order. No minimum order required. Valid for all products. Not combinable with any other discount(s) or current promo/sales.

The BENEFIT for you:

For each new authorized referred accounts that completed their first order, you earn $30 in-store credit aka  30 rewards points! You can accumulate up to $500 with no expiry date.

General Rules & Conditions:

  • Both accounts of the sponsor and the new clients referred must have their account authorized. 
  • The new client that is referred and has authorized their account (submitting a valid ID and Research description) will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase. This promotion cannot be combined with any other existing voucher promotions. Only new clients (that have received an invite from you) can get 15% off on their first order so make sure you invite your follow researchers soon before they join on their own!
  • Under the referral program, we will not ship to PO Boxes. The address on the ID of the client that has been referred must have a matching shipping address in order to get 15% off their first order. 
  • Please make sure your researcher(s) you have referred (new client) registers with the same email that you have listed when you sent out the referral invitation.
  • The order must be paid in full by the name in the account. For example, if John Smith orders then the e-transfer or crypto transaction must be made under that name.  The only exception is your spouse or your research partner making the payment.
  • Once payment from the new client/researcher has been made and the order has been shipped, the sponsor will receive 30 Rewards Points which has no expiry date, no minimum purchase and it can be accumulated as store credit to a max of 500 rewards points. 
  • We build our business on trust and respect so we will not honor the referral program to any authorized member(s) who cheats the system. For example, making phantom referee emails and addresses.
  • Rules and conditions are subject to changes without notice.


Last Updated:  June 29, 2020: