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US/International Orders

ChemLogix's US & International Shipping Policy. 

We will not ship any Scheduled items under the US Controlled Substances Act. Check your Federal and State legislation before placing an order.

Disclaimer: CGL Research Inc. dba Chemlogix.ca will not be responsible for any legal or financial losses, damages, or claims arising from events with the recommendations provided. Our list of restricted territories is a guideline and as stated in our terms and conditions; the onus is on you (our authorized members) to verify legal restriction with respect to your shipping address.

However, since legislation varies from State to State, along with federal law, we can ship the following products to the USA or International provided that the customer:

      1. Passes our verification process 

      2. Agrees that if their products are stopped at the border, it is their (the customer's) responsibility to have them cleared by Customs. 

Customers acknowledge the fact that, although somewhat rare, it is not unheard of for the FDA to contact the receiver to ensure intent with the product is for research purposes only and not for consumption.

* We are currently researching updates on restricted territories*


USA & Internationals

Laws are always changing so, please make sure you check your local, state/regional, and federal laws that pertain to the research chemicals you want to order with respect to your shipping address. We recommend consulting with a local lawyer and/or review carefully on your state legal link(s) like the samples below:


Virginia: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title54.1/chapter34/section54.1-3446/



Last Updated:  June 26, 2020:  CGLResearch Inc.