As promised we will be implementing our new loyalty rewards points program which is very simple and straight forward. Please understand this program is new to us too, so there will be some adjustments once we are more familiarized with our rewards program.
1. For every $40 minimum in completed sales, you will earn 1 reward point. The total completed sales invoice amount, excluding discounts such as used reward points, shipping fee and taxes when applicable will be used to calculate points rewarded.
2. Each reward point is equivalent to $1 in-store credit
3. You must accumulate 10 reward points before you can use them
4.  Reward points and Referral points are capped at 500 points combined per calendar year (January 2nd 2019 -December 31st 2019).  Any unused points will be deleted on Jan 2nd of the following year. For example, this year 2019, all unused points will be deleted Jan 2nd 2020.
5.  Our reward points program is a privilege and we reserve the right to make necessary changes or even remove the program with a minimum one full calendar month written notice. Method of a valid written notice would be our Email Newsletter, our News Blog and any authorized content posting on our website.

Chemlogix Management Team.

October 9th, 2019